Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Prayer Requests

I received a comment last night asking for prayers for Lucy.  She has brain cancer and has relapsed, and there is nothing more they can do.  They don't have much time left with this sweet girl.  Please pray for her peace and comfort, mercy and no pain.  Pray for strength for the family and keep them uplifted.

Grace had a frustrating day yesterday and has some more tests coming up.  Keep them in your prayers.

Noah had a long appointment with the orthotist.  It was very painful but he came through like the trooper that he is.  He will be having 2 pairs of ankle foot orthotics made and hopefully they will bring him some help and relief.  

Christian and his family had a wonderful time in Mexico!

Joshua is still having a lot of pain and they are working to keep it under control and give him some comfort.  

Eli is doing well walking, but this is causing some other not so good issues.  He's also having problems with his eyes.  He can use lots of prayers.

Ava has had a rough month illness wise.  She has an appointment in July that they are hopeful will bring some answers.

Waverly & Oliver are currently doing well.  They are going to be staying in their same school next year.

Witt is going to be a big brother!

Jamie and her family have had some very good news on both the medical and the financial fronts!

Jared's seizures continue to get worse.  Pray that they are able to find a way to get them under control.

I want to thank all of the readers on the blog who pray for all of these sweeties and their families.  I love the encouraging and positive messages I receive from you!  I urge you to share our blog with your readers so we can grow.  Tell them what we do and encourage them to come pray, and to share our site as well.  I've also added the option to share the blog on Facebook and Twitter.  It's on the right side of the page.  The more people we have praying, the better!  If you know of anyone in need of prayer, please leave a message here on the blog or send an email to Safe Haven Blog.



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