Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prayer Requests

Veiyah has gone home to be with the Lord.  Please hold her family up in prayer.

Latest Facebook update from Emerson's mom.  Keep praying for them:
Emerson discharged at the end of last week... we quietly escaped from the hospital & disappeared for the weekend :) no computers, no phones (didn't even call the hospital to check lab results!)... lots of unpacking & laundry today. She's doing "okay"... cares are intense & very time consuming. She's happy though - lots of laughter this weekend!! I have so much more to say... I'll update later in the week once we've gotten settled in back at home :)

Bethany is in-patient and can use our prayers.

Phoebe is home from the hospital.  Pray that she continues to do well.

Please continue to keep Ashlynn in your prayers.

Eli was scheduled for surgery today.  Pray that all went well.'

Josiah is struggling with the increased heat and humidity, and mom is getting worn thin.  Pray for them.

Reagan's mom is specifically asking for prayers for good days.

The Patterson Family is in need of a lot of prayer for too many reasons to list here.  Visit their blog for an update on what they are going through and keep praying!

From Kate's mom:
We would love you to pray expectantly alongside us. First, that Kate would survive this disease and secondly, that it would be with a quality of life that would surprise many and point fully to Kate's Creator.

Noah got a new hospital bed, but they still have a long road to go since being taken off hospice.

Pray that Lucy does well with her rehab and that the family receives the news they hope for.

Specific requests from Grace L.'s mom:
Please join us in prayer that these issues can be treated and healed. Also that we are able to get the needed appointments and testing done quickly.

Battley has reflux.  Pray that the methods they are using to help her continue to bring her relief.

Grace recently had surgery.  Keep her in your prayers.

Zoey's mom, Heather, can use some prayers that her vertigo symptoms are kept at bay as much as possible.


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  1. It's wonderful that you are standing in prayer for these hurting parents and beautiful babies. I stand with you.


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