Monday, September 24, 2012

Prayers Needed

Joshua is not doing well.  His parents are starting to have "end of life" conversations with the doctors.  They are desparately in need of prayer.

In addition, his sister, Bethany, is recovering from heart surgery and complications are causing her incisions to open up and causing all kinds of pain and problems for this sweet little girl.  She may have to be admitted to the hospital (which is quite a ways away) and their mom is being torn in two between her two sweet fragile children.  Please lift them all up in prayer.

Angela went home to be with the Lord.  Please pray for her family as they mourn this devastating loss.

Amelie was diagnosed roughly 10 days ago with Medulloblastoma.  She has had surgery and has more coming up.  They have a long road ahead of them so please keep them in your prayers.  I went to high school with her father.

Jonah and his family have welcomed a new baby boy!  Pray that all will work out and that this sweet baby will be theirs forever.

Josiah is losing weight and not able to tolerate full feeds.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Jacob had a scary episode while his family was out at the botanical garden and is now in PICU.  Pray for them.

As always, please feel free to leave prayer requests or updates in the comments section or send me an email.


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