Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More prayers needed

Noah's mom, Kate, posted the following update on Facebook just a few minutes ago.  Please lift them up in prayer:

Well, rats. I really totally expected this echo to be a non-event so to speak . . . but it wasn't. Noah's heart function is decreasing and his heart is enlarged. This was checked and rechecked, and both the echo and the EKG showed the same results.

I hate this.

We'll be talking to our cardiologist again this afternoon as he wanted time to think and to talk to a couple of Noah's other doctors. We are VERY much backed up against a wall here as Noah can't have any oral heart medicines and the IV ones are dangerous for home use. Right off the bat, Dr. R feels like trying to treat Noah's heart with IV meds could actually cause harm instead of treating it. Noah just has SO MUCH going on and his balance is so fragile, and when you add in the dynamic of IV meds only, then things just seem to get impossible sometimes.

Brayden and family are moving to Washington on Monday.  They are requesting prayers for safe travels and the avoidance of hospitals along the way!

Joshua has been hit hard with a bug that's been running through the family and this is very dangerous for him. The family is asking for prayers that Joshua will get over this illness swiftly and without any sign of further decline as a result of having been sick.


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