Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Baby Lillian (Stacie's new little one) will be in the NICU for a while. And as a testimony to the power of prayer, go read her birth story. Our God is good!

Audra needs prayers. She is not doing well and was in the hospital over Christmas. Please pray for healing for her!

Please pray for Emerson. She has another infection in her blood. Pray they can find something to clear it up!

Continue to pray for Gaines' reflux issues.

Jacob is back in the hospital with a respiratory virus. Please pray for the time that his family has left with him to be healthy and happy.

Pray for JJ, he has two surgeries this week. Tubes in his ears and a tendon release surgery on his feet.

Kate has been in the hospital since before Christmas. Please pray for quick healing and for her upcoming MRI!

Pray for Noah and his family as the trial approaches next month. Pray also for his eyes to continue healing.

Pray for Olive and her family as they travel HOME to the US!


  1. I am needing prayers more than ever right now. I have a three year old name Brennon Layne and he has mirgrianes and has to take meds daily to control them. He has been having several other problems so when we went to the dr. She told me that he could arthritis. My husbands family has Rheumatoid Arthritis. So they ran test and yesterday I got a call from the dr saying that first thing Monday morning we needed to come in they needed to run more test.. So, we are need your prayers and it would be awesome if you could let others know so they can pray for us as well

  2. Hello, please pray for our daughter Grace as she recovers from a massive stroke. She is 3.


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