Thursday, December 17, 2009


Pray for Kristen and her husband. They had another unsuccessful cycle, and won't be able to try again for a while. Please pray for them during this time of waiting.

Stephanie is being induced today!!! Please pray for safety for her and little Sadie!!

Don't forget the prayer vigil for Brody this weekend. You can still sign up for a spot!

Pray for Christian's legs, he might have dislocated one. Pray that everything is ok.

Kate is going through another round of chemo this week, and is having a lot of nausea. Pray for relief from this, and also for protection for her hearing, and kidneys.

Mikayla is still having a lot of problems with her skin. Please pray they can figure out what it is, and pray for healing!

Pray for Noah, he is having surgery today to replace his broviac. Pray that it goes well!

Pray for Jaxson's family, they are in the midst of a possible adoption to a little baby that desperately needs a home or will be institutionalized. Please pray for this baby!!!

Pierce is not doing well and his parents may have to make some tough decisions regarding his care. Please pray for this family.

Jonah has been having a lot of feeding troubles. Please pray for him that he would start eating better!

Continue to pray for Reagan who is also still having tummy issues.

Abby is still struggling with headaches and other issues. Please remember her.


This is Ethan, and his momma requested prayer for him:

"Hi there! I have a 2 and a half year old little boy who has spina bifida but has been doing quite well until a few days ago when he recently begun to drag his leg when he walks and we are unsure why and I am having a difficult time getting the neurosurgeon's office to call me back. Please pray that we will get some answers soon and that we will not have to have surgery again right away....Thanks so much!" (Update: he is seeing the neurosurgeon today!)

This request was left last week, I apologize for the delay. Let's add Ethan to our prayers!!!


  1. Rebekah has been in the hospital since Thursday. Right now the doctors believe she has some kind of respiratory virus and possibly dehydration, but they are running some other tests as well. She is on a small amount of continuous oxygen because she hasn't been able to keep her oxygen sats up by herself. Thank you for the prayers!

  2. Today I wrote a post about our time in Children's hospital. It has a thank you in it to the nurses who do this job. Please, if you know of or have nurses here, send them to I am not hawking my website, I am just thankful for what I do have this holiday.


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