Thursday, March 12, 2009

New prayer requests, and updates.

Please pray for these two families:

Mindy has colitis. She went in to have surgery for it (a surgery that would more than likely keep her from having anymore children). Her and her husband had been trying to have a baby for over a year. While they were prepping her for surgery the doctor came in and said they were unable to do the surgery because she was pregnant. She is at 11 weeks, and she is very sick. They put a port under her arm, so she can have fluids at home. It takes 4 hrs to drain a bag of fluids. She also has iron put in through IV, as well.

Baby Cash has to have surgery the week of March 23rd. He is 5 months old. His soft spots have fused together, which can cause brain damage and even death if it is not fixed. His surgery consists of cracking the skull and leaving some floating pieces to make room for his brain to grow. His mommy's name is Tracey.

Also, please read Jonah's, Abby Riggs' and Andie Grace's blogs today. They need extra prayers right now. Please cover them especially today!

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