Friday, November 2, 2012

Emerson needs many prayers...

From her mom's most recent Facebook post:

After an end of week meeting with the PICU attending & transplant doctor, the message today is they do not believe Emerson can recover from this. And if she can, they say there's little to no chance of her returning to baseline. My heart is breaking... 

They also said, though, there are no decisions to be made right now. Emerson was not able to wean on the vent today & as such they've decided to stop trying. They'll let her rest through the weekend & see is she's able to show us any sign that she can overcome what ever is going on. If not, there will be decisions to be made next week... for the next 2 days, though, I'm going to try hard to put it out of my mind & concentrate, instead, on just loving her. 

In a new development, Emerson's right arm has swollen to nearly double it's s
ize and is turning black & blue. At the same time, the (very little) urine she's producing is dark orange. Apparently that can be the byproduct of muscle break down & the concern is she may have an infection in the muscle of her right arm. They're checking markers in her blood and urine & have scheduled an MRI for early this evening. It's unclear what exactly could be done about it, but it would certainly bring me some peace to better understand what is happening to her right now...

Beyond all that, I've not forgotten how many times we've received devastating news about Emerson in the past... and how many times she's proven the medical professionals wrong. This time feels different to me, but still I'm not giving up hope. I'm playing Disney piano music in her room & am trying the best I can to stay positive around her. We are in an incredibly difficult place and really appreciate all your prayers - if we storm the heavens & if He hears, maybe just maybe He'll let her stay with me a little longer... Thank you.

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