Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prayer Requests and Updates

Noah and his family are in need of our prayers as they are facing some decisions and tough times ahead.

Phoebe is doing a lot better and may even be going home!

Josiah is having some issues, and they are training a new nurse.  His mom just started a new job!

Eli and his family are waiting on his EEG results. Pray they are good.

Tesha continues to work through her grief and is looking for ways to reach out to other grieving mommies.

Brayden is not doing well and is heading to the hospital tomorrow.   Please keep them in your prayers.

Christian is on a new medicine and, so far, his mom reports that it seems to be good for him.

Owen and his family have a date for their transplant testing.

Kate and her family can use our prayers.  Visit them and lift them up.


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  1. A friend sent me an urgent request for a family she knows.
    Please add him. His journey here on earth will be ending soon.


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