Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's the deal

I have been terrible at updating this blog lately, and I feel, well, terrible about it. I just wanted to share my heart for a minute today, and hope for some feedback. I think lack of feedback on here has been discouraging to me as well. This blog has grown so much, and I am so happy about that. But, when I sit down to do an update, it takes me anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. And anyone with little kids will understand how difficult that is. Not to mention I also have so much else going on, my blogging has seriously fallen by the wayside. I need some ideas. I want so much to be able to keep up with each and every prayer request on this blog, but it is next to impossible. I am leaning towards just posting new requests, and maybe if some of you guys could let me know if there is something serious going on with someone I can post that too. I don't really know what to do, but I know I want to keep this blog going, somehow. I do have some new requests to post but haven't been able to yet. I hope to be able to sit down and do it today. So if you have any ideas or comments, please, please pass it on. I'm at a loss here.


  1. I like the idea of posting new requests and when someone is very ill. This is a very easy blog to navigate and we can check on individual kids when they come to mind. Then anyone could pass on information about a very sick child because lots of us will be looking at that blog. It doesn't have to be the parent to let you know. You are doing fine. I understand the time restraint. I like your ideas.

  2. I just want to let you know that although I never comment I come here often and pray for so many of the children and families that you write about.
    However, as a mom of four young children, I understand the challenge with time. Or really, lack of time for blogging, lol.
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. I am sorry :( how about asking for helpers? like 1 person check the angel families? 1 the miracle families and so on, maybe split the prayer list? and just plan on each person editing in their information? Its certainly alot to ask for you to be away from your children.. I would personally help if you wanted to do the same? just let me know :) my email is Jennygrl1026@yahoo.com

    I will have to think about the traffic issue solution.. ;)

  4. I love this blog and hope you are able to keep it up. Maybe post once every two weeks with updates on people and only new updates or if anything is seriously going on more often. Good luck.

  5. Hey. I really don't have an "answer" for you, but I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate you giving your time to blog. I check here often for updates and new prayer requests, but really don't ever comment. If you only have time to post new requests, then just do that. While I enjoy reading your blog, I can understand that your family comes first.

  6. I really appreciate the way that this blog is set up. It is so easy to navigate now that you have divided all the links into the categories at the top. It would be just fine with me if you only posted new requests and let us know if there is a crisis. Having small children also, I can't imagine finding 3 to 4 hours to work on something. All the links are there for us to go and check up on people if we wish too, so the burden shouldn't all be on you. That's just my opinion for what it's worth.

  7. I a loyal lurker, know nothing about blogging or what it takes to update a site, however, if you think I could help and are willing to show me, I'd gladly do whatever it takes to help you keep this blog going. I think it's a huge blessing and you touch more people than you realize.


    tesnjen at aol dot com

  8. Christy
    You are doing a great job. Is there anything others can do to help? You are a psecial person for taking this on for so long. Could we set up a plan to update off line and send you the updates so all you would have to do is upload them?

  9. I love your Blog. I miss the updates. I hope you will keep this Blog running but I know how busy life is. I like idea of just adding new prayer to sight. I miss just going to one place to see how a child is doing. Good luck with what you do with this Blog. In life you do need to make it less stressful. Brenda U

  10. I am constantly checking your blog to see the mighty ways that God has moved. I have prayed and continue to pray for most of the families posted at one time or another. I would hate to see you shut this blog down. Please continue the good work and may God Bless you!

  11. Here is my suggestion, have you considered changing it so that you do not need to be registered to reply? I know that keeps me from posting a lot of times on blogs.

    Also, instead of doing such a big update, how about just the links for the blogs that need attention? Or just an ongoing list that is added to weekly?

    Hope you find something that works and keep this open. Although I never comment, I do check in regularly.

  12. I come here to read and pray for these beautiful babies and families often. I tend to though click on the families I've been following individually most of the time, even when there aren't any updates. Perhaps your idea of only updating for new prayer requests would be easiest and maybe the lists in the other links (Prayer List, Angel Families, etc) can be changed so they are listed in the order of who updated last so we can know ourselves which blogs to read that have the new information. I know the caring bridge sites won't have that functionality but it's a thought. I thank you so much for this site as it has helped me in some rough times and also allowed me to pray for families that need it.

  13. I have kept up with your blog for nearly a year now. I enjoy being able to connect to websites that lead me to children who need our prayers. I like your idea about just posting new requests but I would still like to be able to keep up with past stories. Would it be possible for you to create a list of the names of the children that need our prayers off to the side. You wouldn't need to constantly update us on each one but this way we could still have access to all requests. Thanks.

  14. I'm sorry I don't have a great idea, but wanted you to know that I think you are such a good person, and I don't say that lightly. I don't even know much about you, since your posts are always about others. But you have a family to take care of too and wanting to keep up with all that your heart desires and the reality of how much time is in the day can be conflicting.

    So I wanted to say don't feel terrible about not being able to keep up. There are A LOT of people in the world who need prayers, and you are doing what you can. You remind me of the story about the boy walking along the beach that was covered with starfish, drying out and dying, as far as you could see. He was picking them up and throwing them back in one by one. A man stopped him and said "you'll never be able to save them all, why bother trying? You won't even come close to making much of a difference." He picked up another starfish, threw it into the ocean, and replied "I made a difference to him."

    You can't fix everyone, you can't even pray for everyone who needs it, and you seem to be finding you can't blog about everyone who needs prayers. But you are making a difference to as many people as you can, and that's what matters.

    Just my .02 cents. Thanks.

    (Brinley's mom)

  15. i would be able to post updates for you.

  16. It might be best for you to try and post the new requests like you mentioned. No need for you to feel completely overwhelmed. We all understand life is busy.

    For the updates, you could just organize the prayer list by category...maybe by those going through the same diagnosis. That way, people can know who they have something in common with and reach out to them on a personal level to share prayer requests. You would be providing a community for personal connections, support and prayer. It would be very similar to what you do now, except it would alleviate you feeling the burden of posting updates since people would be reaching out to find updates themselves.

    Just an idea...but please go in whatever direction you feel led.

  17. Please don´t stopo posting....


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