Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Urgent Request


Please pray hard for Logan. He is on the transplant list for a heart and been in the hospital again. As of late last night he has been moved into the CVICU in Houston and is not doing very well at all.. please pray for God to cover his little body until a heart can come. Amy has not had time to update his blog (obviously) but as I hear updates I will post on the safe haven Facebook page..pray hard people!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a few requests for now..

Ashley is having a bit of a hard time lately and could use some prayers and warm thoughts..

Audra had an MRI and it came back clear! She is doing PT and re-learning to walk! what wonderful news!

Looks like Beckham is in the hospital with some tummy issues..pray this is resolved soon!

Sweet little JJ has taken a turn and could use prayers..

Josiah has had a rough few days too and needs some prayers and encouragement..

Kate started her first day of kindergarten this week after having a negative pet scan last week..what a blessing!

Waverly and Oliver both had some testing done this week, pray for good results as they come in

Little Faith passed away Aug. 7th after a very valiant fight, please remember her family during this time..

Safe Haven is on facebook now, click on the button and follow..we will also be accepting requests and links on the page, as well as here on the blog.

I would also like to thank Christy for giving me the opportunity to help with this site, someone was so kind and requested prayer for our daughter Ella when she was sick, and the prayers were felt during her illness and her passing. If you ever doubt that it makes a difference, I am here to tell you it does. Ella was never in pain and her passing was like something in a movie, she was asleep and slipped away so peacefully. The showers of prayers for our family offered us peace like we could have never imagined. We were and still are so sad we lost her, but the Lord provides us light in our darkest please take the time to love on these families posted and for those yet to be posted and feel free to share any new requests and links, because it makes a big difference to the effected families...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too long....

Wow. I can't believe how long it has been since I have updated this blog. I feel so bad for letting it go this long. I am in the process of getting helpers so we can get this thing going again. A few people commented that they would like to help a while back, but didn't leave email addresses. If you are interested in helping post updates to this blog, leave a comment and let me know. Still looking for partners! :) Hoping to get some sort of update posted soon, and hope that you all have still been checking in on these little ones. Forgive my procrastination, and I hope you all have been having great summers.